Clip Studio Paint App:

Clip Studio Paint App: Digital drawing has the advantage of allowing you to sketch almost anywhere as long as you have a tablet or smartphone with you. You can quickly paint and draw right away without any preparation or tidying-up, whether you’re sketching on your phone to complete painting at home or painting whole artworks on your iPad!

And now, we’re going to speak about Clip Studio Paint App, a very amazing digital painter and sketching programme that you can easily install and use on your PC. Without further ado, let’s get started.

Clip Studio Paint App
Clip Studio Paint

About Clip Studio Paint App

A set of Mac OS X and Microsoft Windows software programmes called Clip Studio Paint App is used to digitally create comic books and manga. It was formerly known as Manga Studio or ComicStudio in Japan. Professional comic and manga artists use it because it offers robust, cutting-edge drawing and colouring capabilities.

Although Clip Studio Paint has capabilities with general-purpose graphics programmes like Adobe Photoshop, its tool set is targeted and prepared for use in making comics and manga. It contains tools for drawing, inking, adding tones and textures, colouring, making word balloons and captions, sketching, designing panel layouts, and using perspective rulers. It allows for the production of vector and bitmap graphics as well as the import of 3D models. It accepts input from a graphics tablet or a mouse.

History & Creation of Clip Studio Paint App

The first version of the tool, dubbed “Comic Studio” in Japan in 2001, operated on both Windows and Mac OS. Before being sold and supported by Celsys and Graphixly LLC.

it was offered in the Western market under the name “Manga Studio” by E Frontier America from 1997 to 2007, and then by Smith Micro Software from 2017 until the present.

Version 4 of the application, which was launched in 2007, added capability for producing full-color artwork. Earlier versions of the programme were made for producing black and white art with just spot colour

(a format used for Japanese manga). A new version of the programme, based on Celsys’ independent Comic Studio and Illust Studio apps, was released in 2013.

The new application, which was marketed in various markets as “Clip Studio Paint” version 1 or “Manga Studio” version 5

included new text- and coloring-handling tools as well as a new file system that stored data for

each page in a single file (with the extension.lip) as opposed to the multiple files used by Manga Studio 4 and earlier. Comic Studio & Illust Studio were stopped in 2015.

Features of the Clip Studio Paint App

Use Clip Studio Paint to create whatever you like.

  • international artists’ almost 40,000 free and premium brushes
  • Liquify may be used to edit your work after the fact.
  • Pose 3D models to assist you in drawing individuals, animals, and objects at challenging angles.
  • Create comics, animations, add sound, and more!

Function 1

Function 2

Function 3

Clip Studio Paint App for PC

Fostering your development as an artist

  • On the official Clip Studio Paint website and YouTube channel, there are no cost classes.
  • On our website, there are thousands of user Tips.
  • Downloads of over 100,000 documents by neighbourhood residents
  • Create a time-lapse video of your technique to share your work with ease on social media.

Unlimited Layers

  • You may create as many layers as you wantβ€”up to 10,000.
  • Set reference layers for efficient filling
  • To regulate your effects, create layer masks.
  • Create vector layers for vector graphics; 28 distinct layer effects built in.

Brushes that go beyond the standard variety include oil, watercolour, ink, pastel, and pencil brushes.

  • Create customised brush edges, shapes, dual brush settings, textures, and more.
  • Download thousands of brushes created by artists and import your preferred ABR Photoshop brushes
  • With Line Stabilization, create line art like a pro.
  • To change the line’s thickness and form, use your fingers.

Color Smart

  • Lay down flat colours using the smart fill tool to use colour smart.
  • Using the AI colorizer, you can instantly colour.
  • Gradient maps provide more control. Use the Sub View to input photos and sample the colours.

Comics and Manga

  • Tools for creating speech bubbles, frames, and action lines in comics, manga, and webtoons include: “Comic/webtoon templates”
  • Before publishing, preview your webcomic on your smartphone. Manage multi-page works.
  • Explore a variety of comic typefaces and the many screentones that are accessible. Work together with a team in the same project file.

Pro Tools

  • Professional Tools: Quickly build backdrops by importing and exporting PSD files and 3D data.
  • Use rulers to create symmetrical lines, snap to perspective, and more.
  • Apply gradients to intricate shapes right away

Alternatives of Clip Studio Paint App


Procreate is here to bring you additional premium creative tools, fascinating new features, and a number of significant upgrades. Procreate will assist you in improving your work, whether you are a beginner or an expert. With any brush, you may create breathtaking effects that will alter the way you work forever. Customize your settings whenever you want to get the appearance you want, precisely where you want it.


The idea behind the ibisPaint app was to share the fun of digital sketching by posting videos of users’ actual drawing techniques. This idea is brought to reality through a social sketching app using smartphones, tablets, and other gadgets. Try ibisPaint out and demonstrate to your relatives and friends how much you like sketching! There are several functions in ibisPaint that have historically only been available in desktop painting programmes.


Krita is a capable painting tool that is open source and free. It is created by artists who wish to see accessible art supplies for anyone. an unobtrusive user interface that is easy to utilise. You may rearrange and alter the dockers and panels to fit your own workflow. Once everything is set up, you may save the workspace as your own. You may also make your own shortcuts for tools that you use frequently. There are over 100 professionally crafted brushes included.

Clip Studio Paint App Download

FAQs of Clip Studio Paint App

Can I use Clip Studio Paint forever?
For non-members, Clippy is good for six months, but if you’re a GOLD member, it never expires.

You can use Clip Studio Paint EX till January 18, 2022, after upgrading to the most recent version and starting Clip Studio Paint. Please reinstall the most recent version if you have already uninstalled it. On the machine you’ll be using it on, install and download the most recent version.

Clip Studio Paint
Clip Studio Paint

Is there a one-time cost for Clip Studio Paint?

You may make a one-time purchase of the desktop download and packaged editions of Clip Studio Paint (Windows/macOS). Only monthly use options are available for the iPad and iPhone versions. The PC version (Windows/macOS) can be bought from the following website for a one-time fee.

Clip Studio Paint

What format is Clip Studio Paint in?

Get to know Clip Studio Paint’s raster and vector layers completely! Applying filters and other effects as well as colouring with raster layers is simple. Lineart is simpler to edit using vector layers since they don’t lose resolution when transformed.

Clip Studio Paint

Is Clip Studio Paint a perpetually free service?

You can use Clip Studio Paint EX till January 18, 2022, after upgrading to the most recent version and starting Clip Studio Paint. Please reinstall the most recent version if you have already uninstalled it. On the machine you’ll be using it on, install and download the most recent version.

User Reviews of Clip Studio Paint App


Since 2015, I’ve used Clip Studio Paint App for PC and the Clip Studio Paint App for Windows on my work computer, and I now like having it on my phone as well. Due to the limits of using this on my phone rather than my PC, there are a few minor issues, but nothing that significantly reduces my overall satisfaction with the application. Even though all of the little inconveniences are so simple to fix that they hardly even merit noting, I feel compelled to anyway.


Clip Studio Paint App for PC is a wonderful app, misleading subscription model. Please be advised that the $6 smartphone-only membership DOES NOT include pen pressure. Purchase the $25 “one device” model. I can see why more expensive features are necessary, but they should have made this clear up front. I would recommend waiting till they have a one-time buy option and sticking with the trial or free options unless you’re truly serious about smartphone art.


For a very long time, I enjoyed using Clip Studio Paint App for Windows. I made the decision to test it after purchasing an Android phone with a stylus. Really like it, with one exception. Not a deal breaker, however if you work slowly, it can see it as a hold, and holding automatically modifies your tool. I disabled hold to change tool, however the eyedropper to change colours still appears. If they correct it, I’d give them a perfect score.

Conclusion on Clip Studio Paint App

Nowhere can you get more value for your money than here. In conclusion, Clip Studio Paint App is the perfect fusion of Paint Tool SAI and Adobe Photoshop. For painters, it offers the finest features from both programmes at the most competitive pricing. SAI and Photoshop both continue to have benefits over one another.


A set of Mac OS X and Microsoft Windows software programmes called Clip Studio Paint App is used to digitally create comic books and manga.